"I used to have a really hard Southern drawl. You can still kind of hear it sometimes, especially when I sing."
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“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” — pablo neruda (via kubreckians)

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Natalie Dormer visits Barnardo’s Redbridge Leaving Care in London (4.02)

Michael Pitt for Velour [x]
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When they took that picture I wasn’t standing up. I was surrounded. They had me, so I surrendered. I dropped my gun, my grenade went off. I got a lucky shot off. It wasn’t even luck, it was stupid. I surrendered.

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"If this is all the fight we have left in us at the end of our race, witches deserve to die." (x)

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anonymous asked: lydia martin or malia tate?

Someone tried to strangle me. And I survived. I don’t need to hide that.

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Everything you need to know about checking the four upcoming lunar eclipses here. 

Just in case some of you guys were curious what the different types of Lunar eclipses were, here’s a neat little gif-tastic diagram of the three types. Also handy is a calendar for the next ones, although the majority of America won’t be able to see a full total eclipse again until 2017.

The first of four eclipses in a series, the Lunar Saros 122. A saros is a fancy way of determining patters in relation to time relating to Earth-Moon solar geometry, so I present to you a Wikipedia article on the topic. For this eclipse cycle, though, their are no intervening partial eclipses of the Moon.

make me choose anonymous asked: margaery tyrell or cersei lannister?

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what’s Whitney Houston’s favorite type of coordination?


i hate this i hate u 

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